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Acceptable verification

Proof of indentity codes

A = driving Licence
B = Utility, telelphone, council tax bill
C = A bank or building society statement
D = Passport
E = Foreign National Identity card
F = Debit or Credit Card
G = A Police warrant card
H = An armed forces identity card

Proof of entitlement codes

1 = Registration certificate (V5C)
2 = Tear off slip from V5C (V5C/2)
3 = Certificate oe entitlement to a mark (V750)
4 = Cherished transfer retention document (V778)
5 = Vehicle licence renewal form (V11)
6 = Authorisation Certificate (V948) with official DVLA stamp
7 = Temporary registration certificate (V379)
8 = A letter of authorisation from fleet operators (including a lease/hire company) quoting the document reference number from the V5C
9 = Record of the insurer's name, reference and policy number (for repairs approved by an insurance company)